Workshop on Competency-based framework (CBF) for Veterinary Officers

24-28/02/2021. Competency-based framework (CBF) was initiated by Royal Civil Service Commission. Under the directives of RCSC, and subsequent to five-days cascading workshop on development of CBF for Major Occupational Group – Agriculture and Animal Health Services under Department of Livestock (DoL); DoL is organizing a 5-days cascading workshop on competency-based framework (CBF) for  Veterinary Officers (VOs) from 24-28 February 2021 at Kingaling Resort, Punakha.

The CBF for VOs is being developed as a part of major transition from traditional veterinary practices to more structured approach of capacity development based on the competency level of individuals, to realize and accomplish the overall objectives of an organization. The CBF was developed to further identify the skill needs of VOs, and provide continuous development opportunities to make them competent in delivering their responsibilities effectively and efficiently. Through CBF, Department is hopeful to strengthen the competency level of VOs to fulfil its ovearching objective to safeguard animal health and welfare through effective delivery of veterinary services.

The workshop is being conducted by four trained task force members from DoL under the funding and directives of the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC). Realizing the need to identify competencies for Veterinary Officers for subsequent integration to CBF, the workshop is attended by veterinary professionals at all levels (Figure 1)— Animal Health Division, Regional Livestock Development Centers, Commodity Center and Dzongkhag Veterinary Hospitals.