Training on Pond Fish farming to LUC Groups

National Research & Development Centre for Aquaculture (NR&DCA), Gelephu in collaboration with Samdrupjongkhar Livestock Sector organized a week-long training on pond fish farming to two land user certificate (LUC) groups from Dorangthang LUC group located under Samdrupcholing Drungkhag, and Jangsa LUC group located under Jomotshangkha from 2-6th September 2019.

The LUC training, which was first of its kind, was participated by 19 members including 8 LUC members and 11 fish farmers.

Realizing the significant importance of LUC project, the training consisted of both theoretical and practical aspects of aquaculture in terms of general principles of freshwater aquaculture, fish pond construction, fish pond management (pre-stocking, stocking, and post-stocking), transportation of live fish after packaging, feeding through local feed formulation and fish propagation. As a complementary curriculum, National Piggery Research and Development Centre (NPiRDC) provided LUC members basics of pig farming and its management to the training members.

The training funded by Samdrupjongkhar Livestock Sector completed with the awarding of certificates to the trainees

Reported by: Drukpola, NRDCA, Gelephu