Training on advance microbiology & laboratory quality assurance: 19th to 23rd December 2022 at National Centre for Animal Health & Royal Centre for Disease Control, Serbithang

20th Dec, 2022: A five-day training on Advance microbiology & laboratory quality assurance is underway at National Centre for Animal Health (NCAH) & Royal Centre for Disease Control (RCDC). The training is funded by Fleming Fund and will be conducted from 19 to 23 of December 2022.

The main objectives of the training are to familiarize the laboratory personnel with the use of high-end equipment like the Vitek machine. The Vitek machine was being supplied to the microbiology lab at NCAH through the Fleming Fund for AMR surveillance in animal health with an aim to produce consistent quality AST results and also to ease the sample processing. The technicians of the surveillance laboratories need to be trained on its use and functionality. One of the target organisms for AMR surveillance is Campylobacter which requires special media and also the procedures for culture. Hence, the lab personnel will have to be trained in culture identification. In addition, there is a need to train the laboratory personnel on other advanced tests like phenotypic testing of ESBL and Salmonella and also PCR further, one of the most important aspects of any laboratory is ensuring quality assurance. The quality assurance manual has been completed recently and hence, the laboratory personnel of the surveillance laboratories need to be trained in quality assurance.

The training program is being attended by 26 laboratory officials from National Centre for Animal Health, Regional Livestock Development Centres (RLDC), Thromde Veterinary Hospital, Satellite Laboratories (TVH & SL) and National Veterinary Hospital under the Department of Livestock and National Food Testing Lab under Bhutan Agriculture & Regulatory Authority (BAFRA). The resource persons are from NCAH & RCDC.

The training is conducted by NCAH in collaboration with RCDC and is funded by the Fleming Fund Country Grant.


NCAH, Serbithang.