Sustainable Dog Population Management Program

Paro Dzongkhag

As part of the National Waste Management and Stray Dog Population Control Flagship Program, the sustainable dog population management program (SDPM) has been carried out in Paro Dzongkhag under lead coordination by Regional Livestock Development Centre, Tsimasham and jointly with Dzongkhag Livestock Sector, Paro and Dog Population Management unit, NCAH Thimphu. Considering the increasing human and dog population in Paro and gateway to Bhutan, the DPM flagship program and regional office has prioritized Paro Dzongkhag as 2nd Dzongkhag following successful Haa model in achieving excellent progress. A total of 8218 dogs were counted in ten Gewogs during DPM survey, June 2020, out of which 51% are un-owned stray dogs and 49% owned pet dogs. The past coverage in Paro Dzongkhag is only 60% in stray population. A sustainable dog population management program content the sets of innovative modalities like 95% sterilization coverage through active involvement of community & key stakeholders, promotion of responsible dog ownership by regularization of pet registration, promotion of individual dog adoption and anti-rabies vaccination.

This is 2nd multi-sector community based program after successful Haa model in the region, May 2020. The 3Cs concept (Consultation, Collaboration and Commitment) is main driving tool to achieve maximum coverage and institution of sustainable program in Dzongkhag. A total of 2582 dogs were sterilized, 3314 vaccinated against rabies, 1175 dog registered with district veterinary hospital and 900 stray dogs were adopted by locals. With this 94% of stray dogs (un-owned) and 89% of owned dogs are sterilized and vaccinated in Paro Dzongkhag. Further the remaining 6% unsterilized adult dogs and 196 puppies are mapped and ear marked to Dzongkhag livestock sector for intervention at later stage. The way forward also includes sensitization of adopted dog owners, promotion of community dog adoption in schools, institution, firms, continuation of low scale CABC program and feral dog population management in Dzongkhag. A “Roadmap” will be handed over to Dzongkhag administration, Paro which will outlines the sustainable pathway to maintain a manageable free-roaming dog population in Dzongkhag through adoption, sterilization, and community engagement. This also includes the outputs, key activities, implementation mechanism, institutional arrangement and role & responsibilities of key stakeholders.

The final debriefing meeting was convened on 2nd December 2020 at Shambala Resort, co-chaired by Dasho Dzongdag, Paro and Hon’ble Director, Department of Livestock, MoAF. The meeting was attended by DT Threzin, Gups, and representatives from forest, BAFRA, municipal, NCAH, DoL Thimphu, RLDC Tsimasham, DLS, Paro and other key stakeholders.

SDPM, Paro is milestone achievement during this pandemic situations with all efforts from RLDC Tsimasham, DLS Paro and DPM unit, NCAH Thimphu. The campaign was implemented under strict COVID-19 protocols and funded by National Waste Management and Stray Dog Population Control Flagship Program, NECS Thimphu.

Reported by:

Dr Chendu Dorji

DPM Coordinator, Paro

RLDC, Tsimasham, DoL, MoAF