Signing of MoU between the Department of Livestock and Tengri Limited, A UK Based Company

October 20, 2022, Thimphu:

A Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the House of Tengri Limited, United Kingdom and the Department of Livestock (DoL), Ministry of Agriculture and Forests (MoAF), Bhutan on technical collaboration in the field of yak fiber industry development in Bhutan.

Tengri limited is a specialized luxury brand committed to innovating and creating unique natural products by sourcing the rarest fibers from the remotest parts of the world. They work with communities to ensure an ethical, transparent and sustainable supply chain, business and product development to ensure relevance and unique positioning in a crowded global marketplace.

The MoU is aimed to offer young people and current yak herder’s family, cooperatives and yak federation a long-term economic stability and opportunities in yak herding, through establishment of long term global trade relationships for Bhutan with international markets and consumers. The areas of collaboration will be on establishing long-term market access  for Bhutan’s yak fiber, exchange program between officials of two parties, infrastructure and economic development of yak fiber industry and train  herder families in the production, collection and sales of yak fiber as niche products through a viable business model, supply chain and operations among many others.

The Hon’ble Director, DoL in her Keynote address highlighted the importance of the traditional age-old practices of yak farming which is declining despite lots of potential for entrepreneurship development in particular fiber industry in the highlands districts of Bhutan. Currently, the yak population stands at 38,642 heads owned by about 897 households. The Hon’ble Director also emphasized the challenges of sustaining the unique way of life of the Highlanders, and needs of the government interventions to promote and sustain the livelihood of the highlanders.  It was mentioned that the signing of this MoU is timely and the goodwill and collaboration between two parties which is intended to  bring positive impacts on sustaining livelihood of  highland communities.

Ms. Nancy Johnston highlighted that the Tengri is a long-term project and works with different stakeholders – governments, policies and nature focusing on the sustenance of livelihood and environment. She also said that her company represents nature, animals and people that care for nature.

Dr. Tashi Yangzome Dorji, Director, DoL, MoAF and Mrs. Nancy Johnston, CEO and the founder of the House of Tengri Limited, United Kingdom led the signing ceremony at DoL Conference Hall in presence of officials from the Department and National Highland Development Program, Jakar as a first step towards strengthen the yak fiber industry in the country.