Release of Bhutan Journal of Animal Science (BJAS), 2020

The Bhutan Journal of Animal Science (BJAS), founded in 2017, is an open access English-language journal on animal science.  All papers are peer and double blind reviewed.  BJAS is supervised by the Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture and Forests, and financed by the Royal Government of Bhutan. BJAS is published annually   with original work that makes a significant contribution to understanding and enhancing the animal production practices in smallholder systems in the mountains. The original works encompass the social, cultural, economic, and policy influences affecting the use and management of plant and animal resources.

This issue of BJAS present 24 papers which radiates light on both historical and contemporary questions in various livestock development areas such as animal production, breeding and genetics, and animal health. The papers in this journal are presented in two categories as the full-length paper and short communication organized in a standard format as presented in the earlier volumes called “IMRAD” referring to the main sections of the paper: Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion.  Though, there are number of journals covering the aforementioned areas yet, the BJAS is unique in itself which encourages young and novice authors to submit works addressing the fundamental and scientific aspects together with practical issues.