Regional Poultry Breeding Centre

Khangkhu, Paro Dzongkhag


Regional Poultry Breeding Farm

The Regional Poultry Breeding Centre,
Khangkhu is located around 3 km away form main Paro town at an altitude of
2240masl. The centre was established in the 1st Five year plan
(1963) as Livestock Farm with the aim to supply high quality poultry and pig
breeds to rural households.

After 6th
FYP, the piggery unit was relocated to Yusipang, Thimphu and thereafter the
Livestock farm Paro was focusing on poultry sector development in the country. Then
the Livestock farm was renamed to Regional Poultry Breeding Centre.

In the past the
centre produces Day Old Chicks (DoCs) and rears them up to pullet stage and
supply to the poultry farmers in the country. In order to produce commercial
Day Old Chicks (DoCs) the centre had been importing parent stock from India.
Later, during the Year 2007 to 08 the strategy has changed and instead of
importing Parent DoCs from India the management shifted the source to New
Zealand due to ban imposed on import of poultry and its product after frequent
outbreak of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (Bird Flu) in India. Thereafter,
the centre sustains importing Hy-Line Brown parent stock from New Zealand. 

Currently the
centre is maintaining poultry parent stocks for Day Old chicks Production. The
centre supply commercial Day old Chicks (DoCs) to five western Dzongkhags viz
(Paro, Thimphu, Chukha, Haa, Samtse based on the requirement from the


  • To
    achieve egg self sufficiency in western region


  • Support technical backstopping to the
    poultry backyards farmers and commercial farms.
  • To produce high quality chicks for
    distribution to farmers
  • Maintain high quality parent stock


  • To support
    self-sufficiency in poultry products
  • To raise the
    nutritional status of people.
  • To add extra income
    for rural people.