Regional Pig & Poultry Breeding Centre

Limithang, Mongar Dzongkhag


The farm was established in 1963 as a horse cum pig breeding farm and later on Poultry was added. In 1975 cattle was also introduced to produce crossbred bulls. However, cattle were phased out in 1996, while horse was phased out much earlier. Since then only pig and poultry breeding activities is being carried out in the farm. It caters the piglet and day old chick (DoC) requirement of the six eastern Dzongkhag (Mongar, Lhuntsi, Tashi Yangtsi, Tashigang, Pema Gatshel and Samdrup Jongkhar).

The farm was supposed to be having more than 100 acres of land, but in due course of time, some parts of the farm area was allocated to Research centre (ARDC-Wengkhar), Park Range office (Phrumsengla National Park), Basic Health Unit and to Saling Geog Office and at present that farm is left with an area of 19.56 acres. It is located below the Lingmethang town under Mongar Dzongkhag. It falls under subtropical climatic zone with average temperature ranging from 190C to 320C. The average rainfall is 1200mm.  It falls within the altitude of around 650mts absl.


To attain food-security and self-sufficiency in livestock products through enhanced rural livelihoods to alleviate poverty


General mandate is to increase the production of meat (pork and chicken) and eggs through introduction of quality animal breed. The specific farm mandates is to facilitate the dzongkhags in farm establishment through  production and supply of timely required nos of Day Old Chick (DoC) and Piglets to the six eastern Dzongkhags as specified below:-

  • To produce and supply good quality bird seed
  • To produce and supply good quality pig seed
  • To coordinate and executive related technical support to Dzongkhags on poultry and pig industry development.