National Nucleus Pig Breeding Centre

Yusipang, Thimphu Dzongkhag


The National Nucleus Pig Breeding Center (NNPBC), Yusipang is functioning as a National nucleus farm and maintaining Great Grand Parent (GGP) and Grand Parent (GP) stock after the introduction of prolific white breeds (Landrace and Yorkshire) from Thailand in 2016. This farm as a core breeder will alleviate and sustain pig breeding in the country for many years to come. Department of Livestock as a principal coordinator and apex body for livestock production has accorded priority to increase both pig population and pork production in the country.


  • To be the Centre of excellence in maintaining commercial white pig germplasm in the country mission:
  • To produce, maintain and supply genetically high-quality Parent Stock (PS) white breed pigs by maintaining GGP and GP stock


  • To maintain Great Grand Parent (GGP) nucleus stock at 6% inbreeding coefficient
  • To maintain Grand Parent (GP) multiplication stock to produce Parent Stock (PS) for Government farms, BLDCL, Contract Pig Breeders including BTI and other private farms


  • Maintain pure gene line of Large White (LW) and Landrace (LN) breed at GGP unit and select the replacement stock for both GGP and GP Units
  • Crossbreeding of LW with LN and vice versa at GP farm to produce PS

Short- and Medium-term objectives

  • To produce adequate piglets in the country through the introduction of prolific new breed lines
  • To meet the piglet demand of the farmers for breeding (PS) and fattening purposes and supply to micro, semi-commercial, commercial, and mega-fattening farms throughout the country
  • To enhance the income generation capacity of farmers and create employment opportunities for youth

Long-term objectives

  • To meet the demand for pork in the country through internal production and gear towards self-sufficiency
  • To maintain our own GGP stock and sustain the piggery industry in the country
  • To develop disease-free pig farms in the country in the near future