Regional Mithun Breeding Farm, Zhemgang


Regional Mithun Breeding Centre (RMBC) was established in 1977 at Wangkha under Chhukha Dzongkhag. The farm had to be re-located to Zhemgang due to encroaching of pasture lands by the Tala Hydro Power Authority (THAPA) project and disturbances from project related activities. The location of the farm by the National highway also posed very high bio-security threats to the farm animals. The farm was shifted to Zhemgang in the mid of the 9th FYP (December 2005-February 2006). Except physical relocation, the main objective of the farm remains same wherein it is mandated to produce, procure and distribute purebred Mithun (Bos-frontalis) breeding bulls to the farmers of West, Central and East Central Dzongkhags of the country consisting of 14 Dzongkhags. The first hybrid of Siri cattle and mithun are in high demand because the male (Jatsha) and female (Jatsham) are known for their sturdy draft purposes and high content of butter and fat (thick milk quality) respectively.

The farm has an area of 1628 acres with abundant forages for free ranching of the animals. However, the efforts have been made to develop improved pasture wherever necessary. Due to the fragile ecological condition of the site, proper land management practices are in place and wherever necessary fodder trees with dual benefits are planted in and around the open area. Various fodder species were introduced including Napier, Guatemala, Clover and kikuyu grass. The topography of the farmland varies from slope of about 25-30% to very steep.

Vision and Mission

Serves as a Modular Agency for Mithun Conservation & sustainable utilization

Conserve and devlop pure line Mithun genetic resources for all times