Regional Mithun Breeding Farm, Arong

Arong, Samdrupjongkhar Dzongkhag


Regional Mithun Breeding Farm

The Regional Mithun Breeding Farm, Arong is located on the gentle slope at an altitude of 1400. It is 31 km from Samdrup Jongkhar along the Trashigang/Samdrupjongkhar highway. The vegetation is warm broad-leaved and is ideal for mithuns. Regional Mithun Breeding Farm was established in the year 1977. The farm had two stations till the end of 1994, one was at Arong where the breeding cows and calves < 1 year were kept and the other at Trashiyangphu, the present National Nublang Breeding Farm, kept mainly the growing stock. However the farm started with the initial stock of 2 heifers and 4 young bulls. At the moment the stock is 94 nos. The farm has a total area of 147.54 acres, out of which 136.76 are under improved pasture.

The Mithun (Bos frontalis) is known to be nocturnal wanderer reared as high as 3500ft.Its yellow milk with 9.5% fat does not find favour for human consumption. Mithun locally known as Bamey is domesticated form of Gaur (Bos Gauras) locally known as Rilang. The use of mithuns for cross breeding is very common amongst the cattle owners of Bhutan and dates back as early as 17th century. Mithun has continued to play an important role in the religious and cultural life of the Bhutanese. The cross breeding produces FI hybrids, Jatsha (male) and Jatsham (female). The males are popular for draught power while the females are valued for high milk production. The animals are easy to manage in difficult terrain and have the insatiable foraging ability. Accordingly in view of the importance and the increasing demand of Mithun bulls, the Royal Government established two Mithun farms during the 6th five-year plan.



To produce purebred Mithun bulls for supply to the farmers of six eastern dzongkhags so as to raise the nutritional standard of the people in the country by increasing the productivity and production of milk and milk products and at the same time to procure and supply from India.

  • To add to the strength of the country’s draught power mainly in the agricultural operations in the rural population and
  • To ensure the best present use and the long-term maintenance of the pure Mithun breed.


  • To manage the farm as a nucleus (for bull mother farm) to produce pure bred Mithun bulls for further supply to the farmers and to NDDC for semen production.
  • To fulfill the demand for Mithun bulls from the six eastern dzongkhags.


  • Proper planning to produce at least 10 nos. bulls annually by adopting appropriate reproductive management practices like heat detection, synchronization, pregnancy diagnosis, monitoring the natural service, treatment of reproductive defects and artificial insemination.
  • Provide health care and management by following proper schedule of deworming vaccination and providing clinical treatment whenever necessary.
  • Grazing management by creating grazing paddocks for rotational grazing to reduce the parasite burden and conservation of improved pasture.
  • Provide Mithun supplementary feed with concentrate, minerals and salt.
  • Develop farm infrastructure.


The farm has 137 acres under improved pasture with established plantations consisting of Guatemala and Napier plantations. Grazing paddock consisting of a mixture of molasses and ruzi are also maintained. Fodder tree plantations inside the paddocks consist of native fodder tree species.