Regional Livestock Development Centre, Zhemgang

Zhemgang Dzongkhag


Office of Regional Livestock Development Centre

Regional Livestock
Development Centre (RLDC) Zhemgang is among the central programs previously
known as Regional Veterinary Laboratory (RVL), which became a full-fledged
Regional Livestock Development Centre in the year 2009, under implementation of
GOI livestock Project. It is located below Zhemgang town near to Dzongkhag Veterinary
Hospital, Zhemgang. During the 11th FYP period, the RLDC has been
acting as focal agency for Livestock development programs in the respective
region. This regional centre functions as demonstration centre and
technological hub for regional research and the application in livestock
development. The RLDC will be critical for consolidation of inputs and services
from commodity programs to the Dzongkhags/central farms and also provide
feedback from Dzongkhags and central farms to research center and commodity


  • To provide technical backstopping on
    livestock development activities.
  • Veterinary diagnostic services to the
    field staffs and central farms in the region
  • Monitoring and evaluation of Essential
    Veterinary Drug Programme in the region
  • Disease investigation and surveillance,
    outbreaks investigation, and control measures
  • To undertake investigation based animal
    health problems and research.
  • Participate at the Dzongkhags and Regional
    programs including RNR meetings, workshops and farmer’s trainings
  • To establish efficient diagnostic services
    in the region with good network through collection of samples, diagnose the
    problems and guidance accordingly
  • Attend to outcalls as and when referred by
    the field staff, for equipped handling and rendering of services.
  • Co-ordinate trainings for livestock staffs
    in the field.
  • Principal role in transfer of technology
    along with replication of successful programs in the region.


Short term

  • To
    provide diagnostic, field investigation support, advisory support in the
    overall animal health delivery services to the four Dzongkhags and central
    farms under the region. Monitor animal health program in the region and
    maintain animal health and laboratory database.
  • Investigate
    livestock diseases.
  • Conduct
    need based animal health research

Long term

  • To
    control, prevent and eradicate as many livestock diseases as possible through
    constant screening and animal health services
  • Efficient
    manpower in the field through constant training and guidance
  • To
    develop strong epidemiological database for economic analysis for major
    livestock diseases through well planned active disease investigation and
    surveillance in the region
  • Enhanced
    animal productivity
  • Improved
    breeding through constant screening and management of animal reproductive problems.


the inception of RLDC, the units have been broadened for quick service delivery
and to enable achieve production success which would ultimately alleviate