The Department of Livestock would like to notify the general public in Thimphu, and peripheral areas that any free-roaming dogs (stray or owned) shall be captured, neutered, vaccinated, and released by the campaign team.

This is in accordance with The Livestock Act, 2001 of The Kingdom of Bhutan, Chapter IX, Section 20.2, the pet must be registered, identified, and vaccinated against rabies or other diseases following the rules prescribed by the Ministry, and the following sections in Chapter VIII of the Livestock Rules and Regulation 2017:

Section 144: Pet owners shall keep their pets within their compound, and if taken to public places, they shall be properly secured to avoid any harm to the public and environment at all times.

Section 145. A pet not meant for breeding purpose shall be neutered, and those meant for breeding purpose shall be registered accordingly. The owners shall be liable to take care of all progenies produced through breeding.

Section 146: A pet animal not registered shall be considered as stray animal and will be subjected to control measures prescribed by the Ministry and the local authority.

Therefore, pet owners are hereby informed to abide by the relevant sections of The Livestock Act 2001 and The Livestock Rules and Regulations 2017, as irresponsible pet ownership is one of the major contributing factor for dog population growth.

Any issues arising from sterilizing free-roaming owned dogs shall not be entertained.

Issued for information and compliance.