Pig Mortality at Dorokha, Samtse

20.01.2021: A total of three pigs are reported death as of 19th January 2020 at Dorokha ‘C’ under Dorokha Dungkhag, Samtse Dzongkhag. The Regional Livestock Development Centre (RLDC) Tsimasham has deputed a veterinary officer from Thromde Veterinary Hospital, Phuentsholing to carry out the joint investigation with Dzongkhag Livestock sector Samtse and ruled out the swine flu and fever reported in social media. The in-depth field clinical and postmortem examination was carried out and collected the laboratory samples. As per the retrospective field investigation, three pigs aged between 6 months to 1 year old has died out of 21 piglets in a farm belonging to Mr. Buddha Kumar Lepcha from 16th January to 18th January 2021 with mortality rate of 11%.

Team has examined the sick animals, collected the laboratory samples and conducted postmortem examination and deduced the apparent cause of death as “acute viral infection” or “Mycoplasma infection”. However, the actual cause of death will be reported after the laboratory samples are analyzed at National Center for Animal Health, Serbithang,  Thimphu. The sick animals are responding well to the treatment given earlier by Livestock Extension Centre, Dorokha. Hence, the ongoing pigs’ mortality at Dorokha is not an alarming as there is no report of pig mortality from nearby farms and has no public health concern.

All the control measures like isolation of sick animals, decontamination procedures, proper disposal of carcasses are sensitized & implemented and advised to install foot dips & improve farm biosecurity measures to avid the spread of the disease to other piggery farms. Overall the farm management and biosecurity level is poor and recommended to improve farm hygiene with proper bedding materials to tackle the harsh climatic conditions and to follow the vaccination on time. There is no report of pig mortality from other farms before and directed the livestock extension officer to monitor the affected farm on daily basis. The outbreak is under control and no report of new cases.

Reported by;

TVH-SL, Phuentsholing and Regional Livestock Development Centre