Official handing over of the RMBF Wangdigang Facilities to Royal Soebam, Zhemgang

Subsequent to the executive order issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests via letter no. MoAF/SEC/01/2022/673 dated 29 September 2022, and following approval from the Royal Civil Service Commission via letter no. RCSC/CSR/2022/1077 dated 28 September 2022 directing the implementation of civil service restructuring reforms, the Department of Livestock following its proposal to merge the two mithun farms in Wangdigang, Zhemgang and Arong, Samdrupjongkhar at latter location, the RMBF Wangdigang handed-over its farm facilities and infrastructures to Royal Soebam on 22 November, 2022. A simple and modest handing-taking ceremony at RLDC Zhemgang conference hall was observed by the Director, Department of Livestock, Offtg. Dzongdag of Zhemgang Dzongkhag Administration, Regional Director and technical staff of RLDC and Zhemgang Livestock Sector.

The farm facilities were transferred to Royal Soebam as part of the overall goal of civil service reforms to strengthen efficiency, effectiveness and service delivery towards nation building. This will ensure streamlining of mandates, focused intervention, optimal utilization of resources and increased synergy between the organizations.