Notification on Organic Trout Feed

This is to notify the general public and certification agencies that the Department of Livestock is one of the organic food (livestock) production agencies in Bhutan with fund support from the National Organic Flagship Program (NOFP)

Currently, the Department of Livestock is involved in the production of organic trout (cold water fish) as food commodity. The trout farms/farmers in Bhutan are using BioMarFeed imported from Denmark. Besides economics involved, this feed complies with strict Danish and European Regulations on animal feed. It also complies with;

  • HACCP based risk analysis and control on production of fish feed;
  • ISO 9001 certification
  • Global GAPcertification

This feed shall remain as the approved feed for production of Organic Trout that can be certified at the Local Organic Assurance System (LOAS) level until an organically certified trout feed is made available in the country