Native Poultry & Heifer Breeding Centre

Sertsam, Lhuntse


Office of
Regional Native Poultry and Heifer Breeding Centre

The Regional Native Poultry and Heifer Breeding Centre was initially established in 5th February 2017, coinciding with the Birth Anniversary Gyalsay. The farm is located at Sertsam under Jarey Geog, Lhuntse Dzongkhag. It is 3 kms away from the national high way Gorgan towards Maedtsho Geog. The altitude of the area is 986 masl. The His Majesty King have visited a farm on 13th May, 2018, and His Majesty commended to strengthen the conservation of pure Nublang and Native birds, particularly such as Belochen breed. During the initial establishment, the farm consist of 63 heads of cattle and later 26 heads of cattle was transferred from National Dairy Research Centre, Yusipang. The Centre was formally inaugurated on 17th July, 2018 by His Excellency Sanam Lyonpo Yeshi Dorji, Minister of Ministry of Agriculture & Forests..

Mandates and Objectives


To conserve the pure line native poultry and Dairy breed (Nublang) in the country to produce high quality of indigenous products and sex sorted heifer for the breed improvement.


  • To enhance food and nutrition security
  • To promote the breed improvement program
  • To conserve indigenous breed of the country
  • To enhance production efficiency and livestock service delivery
  • To conserve of pure line native poultry breed through selective breeding
  • Revive the use of Native poultry and dairy as an integral part of Bhutanese farming system
  • Enable rural people to earn income through native poultry farming

Native Poultry unit

Under poultry unit, presently there are three permanent structures that is two numbers of conventional poultry sheds and hatchery house. Regarding the native birds strength, we have 507 numbers of the poultry birds in total.  The category or breeds of the birds are, Pure Black, Belochen and Seim. The capacity of a farm is 4000 birds.

Dairy Unit

Regarding the dairy unit, in the initial stage the farm was set up with 63 heads of cattle. On top of that we have received 26 heads from National Dairy Development Centre, Yusipang and in additional we have procured 16 heads of cattle from Haa Sombaykha with the fund support from GCCA. In total we have 145 heads. The breed of the cattle is called Thrabum, which is the bloodline of Nublang. The average milk production of per cow is .5 to 2liters per day and 252 liters in one lactation. The surplus bulls and heifers are going to supply to the interested dairy farmers.

Pictures of Native Poultry

Pictures of Local Cattle