National Poultry Research & Development Centre, Sarpang

Relangthang, Sarpang Dzongkhag


The National Poultry Research and Development Centre (NPRDC) in Sarpang was established as the National Poultry Breeding Centre (NPBC) in 2009 with mandate to produce DoCs (layer and broiler) only in 14.46 acreage of land in Gakidling geog under Sarpang Dzongkhag.

With the increasing numbers of poultry farmers and need for technical support services, the center was restructured and renamed from the erstwhile NPBC to National Poultry Development Centre (NPDC) in 2010. With Organizational Development exercise in 2016, the nomenclature of the Centre was again changed to NPRDC. The Centre supplies DoCs of both layer and broiler to nine Dzongkhags of West-Central region. These nine Dzongkhags comprises of Bumthang, Dagana, Gasa, Punakha, Sarpang, Tsirang, Trongsa, Wangdue and Zhemgang.  

In the inception year (2009), NPRDC introduced Hy-line Brown and Ross 308 as layer breeder and broiler breeder, respectively. The layer breeders were imported from the Hy-line International, New Zealand and broiler breeder from the Aviagen India. Later on Bovans Brown (2014) and Hy-line Silver Brown (HSB) (2016) too were introduced to give farmers more choice on layer breeds.  However, based on the production performances and preference of poultry farmers, Hy-line Brown was re-introduced since 2018 from the Hy-line International, Australia.


  • To be the Centre of excellence in poultry research to attain the national food security through self-sufficiency in livestock products (egg and chickens).


  • To achieve self-sufficiency in poultry products through quality researches in poultry husbandry.
  • To maintain high performing parent breeder to produce high quality commercial DoC through advanced poultry breeding technologies.


  • Facilitate agencies under the Department to plan and set target for poultry enterprise development for the five-year plan period for the country.
  • Maintain required numbers of parent breeder, produce and distribute quality commercial DoCs.

Conduct and collaborate with other input farms for need-based research on poultry and disseminate the technologies generated thereof to farmers and relevant stakeholders.

Roles & Functions

  • To develop policy support, strategy and guidelines in the poultry sector.
  • Conduct research to generate poultry farming technologies and information to enhance production efficiency in existing practices by farmers.
  • Backstop technical department to develop, modify and introduce new policy related to poultry industry.
  • Coordinate, monitor and evaluate technical efficiency in the input farm to implement production standards and on farm standard operating procedures.
  • Package the technology and information after the research and share to input farms, RLDC and Dzongkhag for implementation.
  • Coordinate and manage with other input farms for input demand and supply for production forecast and planning.
  • Maintain high performing breeding inputs, and produce high quality commercial DoCs.