National Poultry Coordination Meeting Underway

26 September 2019: The Department of Livestock is currently convening a consultation workshop on the sustainable poultry industry and future challenges in Bhutan from 26-28 September 2019 in Gelephu, organized by Department of Livestock, with fund support from Effective Microorganism Technology (EMT) project affiliated to Miyagi farm corporation in Japan. The main objective of the workshop is to discuss issues pertaining to poultry sector development in the country and deliberate further on way-forward plans with new interventions and strategies. The workshop also aims to align and synchronize annual work plan of commodity program and regional poultry farms in planning parent breeder import, DoC production, supply and demand collation, and input production forecast for 12th FYP and beyond.

The workshop will also see discussions on EMT in poultry farming, and replication of the technology to other regions and Dzongkhags after its successful implementation in Tsirang Dzongkhag (Project PMU). It will further discuss on need-based researches required in the poultry industry to enhance productivity and socio-economic development of the poultry farmers in the country.

The three days meeting is being attended by representatives from Poultry Inputs farms of NPRDC, RPBC, RPPBC and technical staff of RLDC Tsimasham and Wangdue.