National Nublang Breeding Farm

Tashiyangphu, Tashigang Dzongkhag


Office of National Nublang Breeding Farm

 The Unit “Tashiyangphu” was established in the year 1978 as a sheep breeding farm. Later when all the sheep were transferred to Bumthang it was converted into a Mithun calf rearing center, the sub-station of RMBF, Arong. Subsequently, under the Royal command, National Nublang Breeding Farm was initiated in the year 1995 with its main mandate of conserving siri cattle to preserve its gene pool by avoiding further degeneration of the breed by means of ”open nucleus Breeding Program” both at the farm and as well as at the farmers field. It is located 8km away from Wamrong Dungkhag with an altitude of 2230-2240 meters above the sea level. The farm was started with 40 Nublang heifers, 4 breeding bulls and 2 bullocks. The procurement continued till 1996 from Haa Somboeykha and Doban in Sarpang. Thereafter the stock maintained in the farm undergoes further selection with an aim to produce an elite herd in the long run. The farm was initiated since the breed is at the verge of its extinction due to many exotic crossing breeding programmes in the nation with breeds like jersey, Brown Swiss, Mithun etc.


The farm is mandated to produce and distribute pure Nublang bulls to the farmers of potentially pocketed areas. Its long term and short term goal are as follows:

Overall goal

To conserve the native cattle breed in order to avoid further breed depletion.

To initiate open nucleus breeding scheme both at farm and the farmers’ field.

To manage the farm as a nucleus herd (bull mother farm) to produce pure bred Nublang bulls for further supply to the farmers and the semen production agency.

To conserve, produce and supply the pure Nublang bulls to fulfill the demand from 20 dzongkhags of potentially pocketed areas.

Long Term

To study the genesis of siri breed and make available facts for scientific adoption of conservation with the germplasm and forgo degeneration through appropriate means.

To study scientifically sound cross breeding programs by way of producing quality siri bulls for distribution into the farmers’ field and for semen production and cryo preservation as well.

To enhance the country’s dairy production and thereby raising the economic condition of the farmers.

To raise the nutritional status of the people as a whole.

Short Term

To undergo a through characterization and survey work for establishing a record of siri breed, breeding practices, imports and traits of importance that farmers in general prefer this breed.

To undertake a planned breeding program and to operate the Nublang farm as an open nucleus breeding farm.

To produce a deserving quality Nublang animals for farmers supply purpose and semen collection and to carry out time M & E program.


Identifying and zonation of the country based on ecology and physiography.

Sample survey and study of characteristics of the breed of various zones.

Comparative study of variation of the phenotypic traits.

Study of genotypic traits of bulls-selection of certain desirable traits, fast body growth, drafting capacity, body size etc.

Issues and Constraints

Lack of appropriate breeding policy

Indiscriminate/exploitation of Nublang bulls to produce F1 Mithun cross by the famers leading to narrowing down of the genetic base of Nublang bulls, which will ultimately lead to its extinction.

Qualified professional in the field of siri conservation lacking.

Siri breed characterization has not yet been conducted in different pocket areas.

Pictures of Nublang Bulls