National Highland Research Development Centre

Jakar, Bumthang Dzongkhag


  1. Function as lead technical agency on Highland Development Program and Research;
  2. Promote and strengthen animal energy resources;
  3. Oversee socioeconomic development of highlanders;
  4. Liaise with relevant organizations for highland development.


  1. Prepare development and research plans, budgets and strategies;
  2. Support in developing highland policies and research;
  3. Support in developing highland projects for acquisition of funds;
  4. Prepare human resources development plan;
  5. Develop and implement comprehensive production, processing and marketing strategies for highland development;
  6. Monitor and evaluate progress  and prepare analyticalreports;
  7. Coordinate and implementhighland research activities;
  8. Support Dzongkags in implementing highland development activities;
  9. Produce and publish scientific papers and other multi-media on highland development;
  10. Explore payment for environmental services scheme;

Roles and Functions of Units

1. Sustainable Alpine Livelihood Unit

  1. Implement alpine livelihood supporting activities;
  2. Monitor and evaluate alpine livelihood activities;
  3. Develop alpine livelihood activities and eco-tourism;
  4. Conduct research on alpine livelihood activities;
  5. Maintain technical information and data on Highland;
  6. Establish and monitor yak production and development;
  7. Coordinate input supply for farmers;

2. Animal Energy Unit

  1. Promote use of alternative energy sources;
  1. Diversify use of draft animals for business opportunity ;
  2. Support biogas production;
  3. Conduct research on alternative animal energy resources;
  4. Support and monitor mithun production and development.

3. Rangeland Farming and Climate Change Adaptation Unit

  1. Promote climate change adaptation and mitigation activities for highlanders;
  2. Collaborate with relevant agency to enhance livestock productivity in the Highland;
  3. Collaborate with relevant agency  to enhance management, productivity and utilization of rangelands resources;
  4. Conduct climate change adaptation research for Highlanders.

4. Pro-Poor Livestock Farming Unit

  1. Establish and monitor goat production and development;
  2. Establish and monitor apiculture production and development;
  3. Establish and monitor sheep production and development;
  4. Establish and monitor equine production and development;
  5. Establish and monitor mastiff dog production and development;