National Highland Development Center shifts to RLDC, Wangdi.

As part of the Bhutan Civil Service Reforms, and following approval and directives from the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) and the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests via letter nos. RCSC/CSR/2022/1077 dated September 28, 2022 and MoAF/SEC/01/2022/673 dated September 20, 2022 respectively. The Regional Livestock Development Center (RLDC), Wangduephodrang had accorded the approval from the Department of Livestock for the handing over of infrastructure, laboratory equipment and furniture vide the approved Note sheet No. I(13)/RLDC/WD/2022-2023/241 dated November 30,2022. Further, as per the approval letter No. RCSC/HRMD/26/2015 dated December 20, 2022 from the RCSC regarding relocation of centers under DoL, the National Highland Development Center (NHDC) will be relocated to RLDC, Wangdue. Subsequently, the handing taking note is signed between RLDC, Wangdue and the NHDC, Bumthang on the stock transfer of the infrastructure (farm land and buildings), furniture, equipment and library books on 27th December, 2022.