National Research Centre for Riverine and Lake Fisheries

Ngachu, Haa Dzongkhag


Office of
National Centre for Riverine and Lake Fisheries.

The National Cold water Fishery Centre (NCWFC) was re-established as a central unit under the Department of Livestock (DoL), Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) in June 2005. The NCWFC was established to promote and develop cold water fishery resources in Northern and Central Bhutan. The centre was also responsible for monitoring/ studying fishery resources including water in all of Bhutan. However, in 2012, the National cold water fishery Centre (NCWFC) was renamed as the National Centre for Riverine and Lake Fisheries.


The NCR&LF was established with the mission to achieve sustainable use of Bhutan’s fishery resources and to ensure good water quality and habitat for fish communities to supplement the national goal of achieving food self sufficiency and self reliance including preservation/conservation of environment in the pursuit of Gross National Happiness for the people of Bhutan.


The NCR&LF strives to become a premier institution involved with development of riverine and lake including taking care of all aspects of fishery research within the country. 


The NCR&LF under the Department of Livestock shall be the competent authority for the provision of technical advice for the sustainable use, conservation and management of fish and living aquatic resources


A comprehensive strategy for the NCR&LF to fulfill its mandates in the Fisheries:

  1. Contribution to policy development, and formulate rules and regulation relating to the mandate for fisheries and living aquatic resources.
  2. Conduct a research programme to provide essential baseline information on the fisheries and the aquatic environment.
  3. Conduct a programme for the community and recreational fisheries management.
  4. Technical support to decision on the matter related to fisheries.
  5. Provide advice on the climate change adaptation initiatives(e.g. potential maladaptation, negative impacts on fisheries)
  6. Provision of technical advice on EIA and clearance related fish and the aquatic environment