National Research & Development Centre for Aquaculture

Gelephu, Sarpang Dzongkhag



That there is available in Bhutan a range of easily adoptable and sustainable aquacultural technologies having the potential to contribute positively to realizing the national aspiration of securing livelihood and nutrition, and reducing import of essential aqua-commodities. 


  1. Generate through research easily adoptable and sustainable aquacultural technologies that are amenable to being adopted at all scales of operation for producing essential aqua-commodities such as fish.
  2. Spearhead the dissemination of aquacultural technologies in the country.
  3. Spearhead the development of end users’ competence to adopt and gainfully utilize aquacultural technologies.
  4. Make available high quality live inputs – such as fingerlings – of aquacultural technologies and facilitate access to them by end users.


  1. Spearhead aquaculture research to generate aquacultural technologies;
  2. Coordinate the production and distribution of aquaculture live inputs (fingerlings);
  3. Engage, as a collaborator, in any other activities related to production or utilization of aqua-commodities, cultured or natural, including their import and export;
  4. Contribute directly to the preservation of the natural aquatic environmental integrity.
  5. Contribute directly to the conservation of the endangered Golden Mahaseer (Tor putitora).