National Animal Hospital

Motithang, Thimphu Dzongkhag

  1. Mandates
    1. Function as a national referral hospital and competent centre for clinical veterinary services in the country.
    2. Support development of policies, strategies and plans for animal health.
    3. Plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate clinical veterinary services.
    4. Support research on animal health.
    5. Function as an institute for capacity development in clinical veterinary services.
    6. Act as pharmacovigillance centre for veterinary.
  2. Roles & Responsibilities
    1. Develop, implement and evaluate clinical veterinary services.
    2. Support maintenance and dissemination of animal health & epidemiological information on regular basis.
    3. Function as national referral veterinary hospital in the country.
    4. Coordinate development of clinical veterinary capacity.
    5. Support implementation, monitoring and evaluation of veterinary drugs, vaccines and equipment.
    6. Develop capacity for veterinary clinical services.
    7. Support animal health research in liaison with relevant agencies.
    8. Collect information on ADR from filed units and report to National Pharmacovigillance Centre.