Livestock Central Store

Phuntsholing, Chukha Dzongkhag


The Livestock Central Stores (LCS) is located about 2 kms away from the Phuntsholing town just opposite of Damchen, Bhutan Oil Distributors (BOD) just in front of Mini dry Pot and 15 minutes’ walk from new truck parking, with an area of 24045 sq feet. The centre was initially established in 1970’s as Animal Husbandry Central Stores.  It was hired in a private building at Deki Lane, Phuntsholing. Only in 1980 it was shifted to the present location.

In 1994-95 with financial support from the EU assisted project ‘Strengthening of Veterinary Services’ revolving fund was established. The Administration and Finance Division (AFD) of the Ministry manages the fund. Prior to the restructuring of the Ministry, the entire process of medicine procurement, distribution, monitoring and evaluation was implemented by the Department of Animal Husbandry. After the Agriculture Central Store was placed under the AFD, drug requisition was indent by the store and they are also responsible for receiving and distribution of the same. Tender floating and evaluation was carried out by the Department of Agriculture and Livestock Support Services and based on the indent quantity AFD prepares the supply orders which is again routed through the Department.

In the year 2010 the budget for procurement of Veterinary medicines and equipment was centralized and the cash and carry system in issuing consignments from Store was discontinued.  The unit distributes Drug and Equipment to the end users within the Department of Livestock free of cost while other outside agencies are charged 5% surcharge till date.


  • To be the one-stop store for all Veterinary Medicines and Equipment and non-drugs items consistently in the country.


  • To enhance veterinary service delivery in the country through the provision of quality Veterinary Medicines, Vaccines and Equipment.


  • To support and ensure availability of veterinary drugs, equipment & non drug items in the country.
  • To receive & manage proper stock of veterinary medicines, equipment & non drug items at the store.
  • To distribute veterinary medicines, equipment and non-drug items to all the end users.
  • To assist in tendering & procurement of veterinary medicines, equipment and non-drug items.
  • To Co-ordinate collection & disposal of expired medicines in the country.
  • To support in monitoring of proper store management of medicines, equipment and non-drug items in the animal health service centres.


  • To ensure proper management of LCS and enhance service delivery
  • To assure the supply of veterinary medicines and equipment on scheduled management cycle
  • To deliver efficient and effective direction and operation services.

Staffing pattern of LCS, Phuntsholing

The central store is headed by Store Officer and supported by two Assistance Store Personals who looks after medicine and equipment section. The different units of medicine and equipment are headed by the Assistance Store personals. They are responsible for receiving consignment and distribution to the end user and to carry out the designated daily routine works as per Individual Work Plan (IWP). LCS is broadly divided into three units mainly Administrative and Finance section, Medicine Unit and Equipment Unit. Currently, LCS is managed by one store officer, one administrative assistant, one accountant, two store assistances, one driver, one elementary support personal (ESP) as night guard and seven daily wage workers.

Roles and responsibilities of different units

The units are headed by assistance store personals with the following roles and responsibilities to harmonize the management of LCS and to meet its mandates.

  • To receive new medicinal, equipment and non- drugs consignments from the suppliers and then verify and certify the bills.
  • To make stock entries as per inspection reports, arranging in shelves and updating in bin cards after issuing GRNs.
  • To ensure proper storage for medicines, equipment & non drug items in the shelves with tagging in respective bin cards.
  • To cater timely verification & certification of supplier bills as per the inspection reports & other relevant documents.
  • To cater out distribution of medicines, equipment & non drug items during the emergency and adhoc distribution as per the distribution orders received from DVEU, NCAH, Serbithang.
  • To cater first and second round of annual distribution of medicines, equipment & non drug items as per the distribution orders received from DVEU, NCAH, Serbithang
  • To issue and delivery of emergency drugs during zoonosis disease outbreak time.
  • To cater mobilization of nearing expiry medicines to reduce the stock balance & also to avoid getting medicines expired and dispose expired medicines.
  • To submit Monthly Progress Report on nearing expiry & expired medicines list to NCAH, Serbithang.
  • To reconcile stock balance of medicines, equipment & non drugs items as per the data base, stock register, bin cards & physical balance.