Handing Taking Ceremony of the Effective Microorganism Technology (EMT) model poultry farm, Tsirang

14th January 2022: The JICA Bhutan Office handed over the infrastructure (EMT model poultry farm) and facilities (EM activator plant, equipment) based in Tsirang Dzongkhag to the Department of Livestock.  The project titled “Effective Microorganism Technology (EMT) in a poultry farm in Tsirang- A collaborative project between the Department of Livestock and Miyagi Farm Co., Okinawa, Japan” was conceptualized and implemented for three years starting in 2019 with technical expertise and fund support from Miyagi Farm Co., and JICA. The main objective of the project was to introduce the EM solution technologies in poultry farming as an intervention to increase production efficiency, explore avenues to utilize local resources for poultry feed production and facilitate in improving farm management practices through training and on-farm exposure trip of poultry farmers to the model farm in Tsirnag.

The model farm in Tsirang has been functioning as a knowledge and demonstration center after its operation since March 2020, where the poultry farmers from in and around Tsirang Dzongkhag and students are visiting the farm to learn about EM application in poultry farming and its best management practices. During the ceremony, Director, DoL thanked JICA and Miyagi Farm for the financial and technical support in ensuring the EM technology works well in the Bhutanese farming context and also training the poultry farmers and livestock officials on EM solution application and farm management practices. She reiterated that such interventions will go a long way in revolutionizing the poultry industry as clean, odorless farming to engage youth in Bhutan. Considering the production efficiency in poultry farming from the application of EM solution, the Department of Livestock shall replicate the technology to other Dzongkhags with continued technical and financial support from JICA and Miyagi Farm.

The Chief Representative, JICA Bhutan Office expressed his deep appreciation to the Department of Livestock and Miyagi Farm Co. for implementing the project successfully despite the COVID-19 pandemic. He informed that JICA shall continue to support the Department and Ministry of Agriculture and Forests in every possible way to sustain the project impact and replication of the EM technology to other Dzongkhags through technical and financial support.

The handing-taking ceremony was attended by Mr. WANTANABE Kozo,  Chief Representative, from JICA Bhutan Office and Dr. Tashi Yangzome Dorji, Director, Department of Livestock, MoAF, officials from JICA, Bhutan Office and DoL and with virtual attendance of Miyagi Farm Co. team and JICA official, from Okinawa, Japan, DLO, Tsirang and staff of the EMT model farm, Bhutan.