Handing over of Effective Microorganism Technology (EMT) Model Poultry Farm, Tsirang

May 12, 2022

The Department of Livestock (DoL) officially handed over the EMT Model Poultry Farm in Tsirang to the two youths who will manage the model farm and at the same time train the farmers on the use of EMT and provide EM solutions to the poultry farmers.

A collaborative project between the DoL and Miyagi Farm Co., Okinawa, Japan was conceptualized and implemented for three years starting in 2019 with technical expertise and fund support from Miyagi Farm Co., and JICA.

The use of EM technology will help increase the efficiency of poultry farms through improved egg production, improved bird health by ways of improved gut health of poultry birds, reduce emission (odorless farming) and engage youth in attractive farming.

The Hon’ble Director, while handing over the EMT Model farm to the two youths and to the poultry farmers who joined in the handing over ceremony informed that farming has become very challenging due to increasing cost of inputs and reduced income. Resilient farming in times of adverse environment is key to successful farming and use of EM technology should help reduce the risk and costs. The Hon’ble Director also said that two youths coming together and helping the Government to run the model farm as an enterprise during such difficult times is very encouraging. It shows that entrepreneurship is sustainable and possible and she said what is not possible for others, is possible for the entrepreneurial minds. She also said that our youths should not only adopt resilient farming methods but also develop resilient mindsets to face any challenging and contribute towards nation building.

The Letter of Understanding (LoU) was signed between the Dzongkhag Livestock Sector (DLS), Tsirang and the two youths in the presence of the Hon’ble Director, DoL and will be renewed after every three years subject to their performance.