Familiarisation of livestock officials on the Greenhouse Gas Emission estimation using IPCC Software

9th Feb, 2023: A four-day workshop on estimation of Greenhouse gases (GHG) using IPCC software is under way for the Livestock officials in Gelephu, Sarpang. The workshop aims to build capacity and familiarize participants on importance of estimating and accounting GHG emission. Livestock, land use change and management have a significant influence on the greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere. Livestock contributes 14.5 percent of the total annual anthropogenic GHG emission globally.  It is estimated that the enteric fermentation alone is responsible for 20-25 percent of anthropogenic methane emission globally. Livestock influence climate change through land use change, feed production, animal production, manure and processing and transport. Therefore, it is viewed very important to enhance the knowledge and capacities in preparing and reporting GHG emission inventory for livestock sector including mitigating interventions to reduce GHG emission in long run. Around 14 participants from Livestock Production Division, National Development Center for Animal Nutrition, Bumthang and Regional Center for Animal Nutrition, Dekiling under Department of Livestock are attending the workshop. The workshop is funded by GEF-LDCF project.