Enhancing Capacity of the Yak Cooperatives’ Office bearers

Livestock Research & Extension Division under the Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests had trained office bearers of the six yak cooperatives and extension officials from three western Dzongkhags on book keeping. The objective was to build capacity of the office bearers on proper book keeping that will enable maintaining proper data for planning and enhancing transparency. The training was attended by 18 livestock officials and 16 office bearers of the yak cooperatives from Lingzhi, Soe, Naro and Dagala gewog from Thimphu; Haa, and Paro dzongkhags.

The participants were briefed on government policy support and importance of sustaining highlander livelihood and their roles to the nation; and sensitized on the group dynamics focusing on need for a good leadership, leadership quality and effective communication skills. Further, the department in consultation with the participants and livestock extension officials took stock of additional information required to strengthen yak cooperative profile, and developed plan of actions to produce at least one niche yak product through value addition from each cooperative under the Bhutan Yak Federation (BYF). Currently, BYF has 470 active members in total comprising of 268 males and 202 female members.

The participating resource persons were from the Department of Agricultural Marketing & Cooperatives; Regional Livestock Development Centre, Tshimasham, Chukha; DoL, MoAF and International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD), Nepal.

Three days training was conducted at the National Centre for Animal Health, Serbithang from 25th to 27th August 2021 with fund supports from the Resilient Mountain Solutions (RMS) project, ICIMOD, Nepal.