Development of Bhutan Yak Federation Strategy Document RIVER VALLEY HOTEL PUNAKHA 16th to 18th November 2021

Fund Supported by Kanchenjunga Landscape Conservation & Development Initiatives (KLCDI), ICIMOD, Nepal, and Highland Development Program, Department of Livestock (DoL) Ministry of Agriculture & Forests (MoAF), Bhutan.

From 16th to 18th November 2021, the Livestock Research & Extension Division under the Department of Livestock, Ministry of Agriculture & Forests, organized a 3-day write shop in Punakha for developing the yak federation strategy document. The participants comprised of Livestock Production Officers from Yak farm Haa, Gasa, Wangduephodrang, Paro, Haa, and National Highland Research & Development Centre, Bumthang (NHRDC) along with the experts consisting of Executive Specialist and Chief from Department headquarters, National Dairy Research & Development Centre (NDRDC), Yusipang and NHRDC, Bumthang.

The main purpose of developing this strategy is to guide the Bhutan Yak Federation and cooperatives in effective planning and implementation of planned activities. This strategy document will guide in promoting and preserving the mountain’s rich culture and traditions, besides maintaining transboundary cooperation through exchanging and sharing knowledge and experiences among the yak federations in the Hindu Kush Himalayas. It will also enhance the knowledge and skills of district livestock production officers in preparing similar strategies in the future.

The findings from the previous consultation meeting with the yak cooperative office bearers were presented by the Livestock Production Officers, followed by discussions and group work. To set a context, Dr. Kezang Wangchuk from ICIMOD, Nepal shared his experiences in strategy development and presented the broad framework to the participants. Later, the participants worked on the topics such as vision, mission, situational analysis, issues and challenges, broad strategies, key performance indicators (KPI), and interventions (short, medium, and long term).

At the end of the write shop, a draft document on Bhutan Yak Federation Strategy was prepared for the first time in the country. The final version of the document will be presented during the second BYF general assembly. Accordingly, the by-laws and programs for the cooperatives and yak federation will be aligned as per the document.

The fund for the write shop is supported by the Kanchenjunga Landscape Conservation and Development Initiative (KLCDI) of ICIMOD and Highland Development Program under the Department of Livestock.

Compiled by:

Livestock Research & Extension Dicvision, Department of Livestock