Call for the Expression of Interest (EoI) for Livestock Enterprise Development in Identified Dzongkhags


This “Call for Expression of Interest” is open to interested youth demonstrating the necessary aptitude to take up livestock farming, inspire fellow youth and contribute towards increased youth engagement in livestock farming.


The aim of the project is to engage youth in livestock farming through the establishment of Poultry Enterprise (Broiler and layer farms) and Piggery Enterprise (fattening and contract breeding farms). The project details are available at or on


The Call for the Expression of Interest will be open until 7th November 2020. Applications will be received throughout the announcement period of EOI.

Evaluation Process

The Dzongkhag Project Coordination Committee (PCC) will evaluate applications received and submit to DoL within 7 working days.

The DoL Project Steering Committee (PSC) will further review and endorse the applications received within 5 working days.

The decision of the PSC shall be binding and made available at


All submissions and inquiries shall be submitted to the Dzongkhag Livestock Officer (DLO) in hard copy or emailed to DLO

(Please find the email addresses of DLOs in Project Document ANNEXURE IV shared on

Documents that must be submitted in the application

●       Covering Letter (ANNEXURE I)

●       Eligibility Criteria (ANNEXURE II)

●       Project Proposal (ANNEXURE III)

(Please refer the project details shared on or on