Calf Rearing Centre

Wangkha, Chukha Dzongkhag


Office of Calf Rearing Centre

The Calf Rearing Centre is located at Wangkha under Chukha Dzongkhag, 94 kilometers away from capital city Thimphu on the Phuentsholing-Thimphu high way, at an altitude of more than 1,687msl, with an area of 113 acres. It was initially started in 1963 as Regional Mithun Breeding Farm with an objective to produce good quality Pure Mithun bulls to supply to the farmers for breeding with local cattle.  But with the upcoming of Darla Hydro Power Project, Mithun farm was re-located and shifted to Wangdigang in Zhemgang Dzongkhag in 2006. Soon after re-location of the Mithun farm, this centre started rearing male calve under the nomenclature as Calf Rearing Centre. The Centre was to procure weaned surplus/unwanted/unproductive male calves from the farmers and rear them either as breeding or fattening stock. During its existent as Calf Rearing Centre till  2011, Centre had procured 185 unwanted male calve from the farmers, reared in the farm and sold for draught, breeding as well as beef purposes. This program was started mainly to reduce the population of unproductive/unwanted male calve so as to address the problems of unnecessary burden to the farmers and avoid inbreeding in the herd. But this program had to be discontinued because of the religious sentiments of the public.

So, after the discontinuation of rearing of male calve, farm was changed to Heifers Rearing Centre in collaborative initiative with National Dairy Development Centre, Yusipang and Regional Livestock Development Centre, Tsimasham in order to meet the growing demand of Jersey crossbred heifers of the farmers. Presently the Farm procures, rear, impregnate and supply Jersey crossbred heifers to the interested farmers group of all the Dzongkhags. In addition to this, Centre has to keep ready stock of good quality Jersey crossbred heifers all the time for supply to the farmers under Royal Project.


Enhance dairy production in farmer’s level as well at the Centre through genetic improvement of cattle population.


Improve reproductive efficiency through proper management and biotechnology application.


To provide good quality Jersey crossbred pregnant heifers to interested dairy farmers adequately.

To increase the milk production per cow during her life time.

To increase the calves per cow in her lifetime thereby rapidly disseminating genetic merit of superior animals and achieving higher rate of genetic gain.


Coordinate, source and procure Jersey heifers of one year and above with more than 75% Jersey blood level (Pregnant as well as non-pregnant).

Rear and impregnate with progeny tested and/ sex sorted Jersey semen and distribute to interested farmers after confirmed pregnancy at farm gate price to compliment the requirement of dairy animals.

To keep the ready stock of good quality Jersey crossbred heifers all the time for supply to the farmers as and when required under Royal Project.

Liaise directly with Dzongkhags for heifer indent collection and distribution of pregnant heifers.

Restock quality heifers (>75% Jersey blood level) as per farm carrying capacity for all time.

Collaborate with NDDC for conduction of research related to breeding and dairy husbandry viz. use of sex sorted Jersey semen in heifers.

Promote contract forage production in liaison with National Centre for Animal Nutrition, Bumthang to mitigate fodder shortage in any to farm animals.

Planning and budgeting of both five years and annual plan in close consultation with NDDC.

 Maintain national dairy heifer inventory taking into account the details of farmers and animals distributed to Dzongkhags.

Impact assessment of pregnant heifers supplied to farmers in collaboration with respective RLDCs and Dzongkhags.

Submit quarterly and annual progress reports of the centre to NDDC through RLDC, Tsimasham.