12FYP – 2020-21 – Review Workshop

7.12.2020: The Department of Livestock is currently organizing a three-day (7th, 8th & 9th December 2020) review workshop at Punakha for the Central Programs, Regional Livestock Development Centers, and the livestock input farms to review the mid-term performance of all the agencies of the Department of Livestock. Considering the evolving situations including COVID19 pandemic and the subsequent movement restriction, the participant are critically reviewing the best possible ways in delivering uninterrupted livestock services.

The workshop will review physical and financial progresses made by each agency, revisit and review APA targets and take stock of the challenges and strategize a clear way forward. The workshop also aims to take advantages of the ITC under the COVID19 pandemic and improve the record and progress reporting system by instituting online record and progress reporting system. A data repository system of making all data accessible to all the stakeholders is also being discussed during the workshop.

The workshop will intensely deliberate and review APA targets, streamline 12FYP with economic stimulus plan, budget Utilization and re-prioritization of resources. During the workshop the participants will also review the plan documents, guidelines and prepare the Department of Livestock’s Vision Document 2040 in line with the RNR Strategy 2040.

The workshop is attended by all the Regional Directors, Heads of the Central Programs, Farm Managers and two Dzongkhag Livestock Officers of Punakha and Wangdue. The participants from the red zone areas are attending the review workshop virtually. The Department will also conduct similar workshop with all the Dzongkhag Livestock Officers in the month of January 2021.  All COVID19 protocols are being followed during the workshop.


Tashi Dendup