Monthly Archives: April 2021

First Yak Federation in the country

8th April, 2021: A four day consultative meeting was carried out at the National Highland Research and Development Centre (NHRDC) in Bumthang for the formation of the first ever Yak Federation in the country 5th to 8th April, 2021. The meeting was attended by participants from the yak cooperatives, the Department of Agriculture and Marketing Read more….

Public Notification

The National Centre for Animal Health under the Department of Livestock is conducting mass dog sterilization and anti-rabies vaccination programme in Thimphu Thromde areas. The field clinic is set up in Deobum Lam (Office of the Assistant Engineer, Thimphu Thromde). The clinic started operation from this location w.e.f. 5th April 2021. In this regard, the Read more….